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*Life requires life, regardless of the delusions we inflict on ourselves... and others.*

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Burdened Glory


when guardians of the galaxy finished and the credits started, a few people got up and started leaving and i said to my dad “this process is what i like to call ‘weeding out the weak’” and the woman in front of me heard me and laughed so hard she choked on her drink




White chocolate & cranberry cookies


love ♥ food


Here is a sunny image from California to welcome spring, though I’m working in Colorado this week and hoping for snow!

So I’ve decided to add another character to this blog besides the OC [whom I need to rp with] I already have; Mephisto. He’ll be my own adaptation to him though because there’s just so many, too many, kinds out there to choose from. I do know his FC will be of Fassbender, I just need to pick what sort construct he’ll be, He’s going to look similar to prior adaptations, but there will be some very obvious I Did The Thing crap going on for him.

To note, he’s only going to be a Charred!Verse character and tied only to that verse. Nothing else. [unless we plot and i’m sure to come up with something auish for him, but this still is a loki blog so i won’t be doing THAT much  with him like I do with Citrus].

Just an fyi, thank you for reading~

Who are three tumblr users that you associate me with?

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The awesome moment of surprise when you waited a really long time to develop a roll and completely forget what you shot.

I do remember that there were three humungous dogs next to me playing in a puddle this day.

(Yashica Mat 124G)

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